Brittany Matter has a natural ease at communicating, uniting a team, and motivating others. As a passionate altruist, she believes the world can always be better as can the words we write.

She's a resourceful editor with six years of editorial experience across nonprofit and corporate sectors and 10 years in the comic book industry.

Brittany takes her work very seriously and exudes a professionalism that is typically seen in writing and editing professionals much older than she. Her thoughtfulness and attention to detail are elevated by her deep knowledge of grammar allowing her to give purposeful and reliable feedback.
— Heather Ayres, Comic Book Writer

Brittany is featured in the award-winning magazine IMAGE+ by Image Comics. While she interviews creators and writes in-depth analyses of comic books, she also hones her craft as a writer through comics, prose, and poetry.

The pattern throughout her career has been consistent: whether writing or editing, she's always helping motivate a team and refining the stories that enrich our lives. 



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